Welcome to Africa 2000 Network Uganda

  • Our Location Kampala, Plot 70 Bukoto Street,
    Lower Kololo, P.O. Box 31090 Kampala

  • Mail Us a2n@a2n.org.ug

  • Call Us +256-414-541 571,

Products And Services

A2N-Uganda offers the following services and products;
i. Extension services (including consultancies and advisory services in good agricultural practices including agronomy of different crops, Water and sanitation, personal and environmental hygiene.
ii. Education and training of participating farmers in specific agricultural and market access skills.
iii. On-farm experimentation, demonstration and proven technology transfer/dissemination
iv. Organising farmers into viable community based organisations for sustainable development.
v. Referral services and linkages to market chains and value chain actors and business development services providers.
vi. Facilitate intra and inter dialogues and discussion platforms for farmers, local policy makers and market chain players.
vii. Develop training and information materials for own and wide stakeholders utilisation in extension, education and training of small and medium farmers and for advocacy on agricultural production and market access.
viii. Internships and field attachments for University and college learners.

Development Approaches/Strategies

A2N Uganda uses the following strategies to stimulate productive engagement among small and medium farmers;
• Facilitate the emergency of functional farmer-led institutions for collective action
• Participatory Development Management whereby communities are empowered to determine their development aspirations and the interventions they would undertake by themselves to achieve those goals
• Integration of livelihood improvement interventions to attain food and nutrition security and income generation
• Gender mainstreaming/transformation using Gender Action Learning Systems (GALS)
• Promote Commodity Value chain interventions
• Information management at grassroots level
• Direct interface with farmers; Farmer to farmer extension, FFS

• Fostering strategic partnerships